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    • Jackson County Project Fair Division 1Winners First Place, Emma Johnson and Malachi Gates - 'Creating Color' Second Place, Brette Shannon and Audrey Altom - 'Making a Tie Dye Cake' Third Place, Anna Fortenberry and Carley Boyd - 'Rainbows' Judges' Choice Katie Claire Clark - 'United States Post Office' Kallista and Julia Welty - 'Fingerprints' Division II Winners First Place, Jayden Shannon - 'Lefty Learns Pitching from Local Legend' Second Place, Clancy Callahan - 'Tickle Tickle' Third Place, Rylie Freeman - 'Our State Capital' Division III Winners First Place, Austin Fisher - 'Let's Get Stringy' Second Place, Kaitlyn Peavy - 'In a Nut Shell' Third Place, Allyson Pettit - 'MD and MY Life' Judges' Choice Nathan Gates - 'Babe Ruth' 

      Posted Apr. 27, 2012

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