The powerful storms that moved through Jackson County unleashed a "lot of rain, accompanied by high, straight-line winds," according to Jackson County Office of Emergency Management Director Donny Ivie, however, it could have been much worse.

"In Diaz, on Farmers Road, we had a huge tree down on two vehicles, but no one was hurt," Ivie said. "We had a lot of trees and electrical lines down, but no one got hurt." While most of the county was hit hard by the storms, Ivie saw a pattern in the damage. "It seemed to be hardest from about Campbell Station moving north and then moving out of Tuckerman it seemed to really ease up," he explained. In Tuckerman, two large trees were toppled along Highway 367 Friday night, causing delays, while a block west, on the corner of McDaniel and Skyrme, emergency officials were called when another tree was upended. Newport received downed limbs and power lines, Fire Chief Alan Gansz noted, however, damage was minimal with the amount of rain and wind the area received. A truck canopy on Highway 367 North at Southwest Steel was also flattened by the storm.