When you’re experiencing a health care emergency, the last thing you want to do is wait.

Emergency medicine is about three things: compassion, skilled care and speed. Harris Hospital knows the importance of prompt service – especially in the emergency room (ER). “That’s why Harris Hospital has launched a 30-Minute ER Service Pledge – to assure patients that we are dedicated not only to offering the best quality care, but also to providing that care as efficiently and quickly as possible,” said Robert Rupp, Harris Hospital CEO.
When a patient enters the ER at Harris Hospital, the arrival time is noted. The 30-Minute ER Service Pledge begins the minute a patient checks in at the ER desk. “Our pledge is that a physician will work diligently to initially see each patient within 30 minutes or less of their arrival to begin the evaluation and treatment. When the patient is seen by a physician, the time is logged on the patient’s chart – so we can track our performance in keeping our pledge of low ER wait times,” said Rupp. “While the goal of Harris Hospital’s ER pledge is to work diligently to initially see every patient within 30 minutes, the most critical health emergencies will always receive top priority.”
The hospital records and monitors many ER indicators as part of its ongoing quality improvement process. “One of the items we track is patient wait times in the ER to determine how efficiently we triage patients and get them to a clinical professional for initial evaluation and treatment,” said Rupp, “I’m pleased to report that the vast majority of patients at Harris Hospital’s ER were already being seen within 30 minutes of their arrival time.” For the month of July, for example, the average wait time in the ER was only 18 minutes. In fact, the total length of stay average was 1 hour, 47 minutes from admission to discharge out of the ER.
The hospital launched the 30-Minute ER Service Pledge in August. “We believe this service pledge will distinguish us from other health care providers in the area and underline our commitment to the people who live and work in the Newport community,” he said.
“While we are committed to prompt and appropriate care for our ER patients, the 30-Minute ER pledge should not be misinterpreted as an effort to rush patients through the ER,” he adds. “Our process improvements focus on getting ER patients into a treatment room as quickly as possible, enabling our clinical professionals to see a patient and begin diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner.”
The community can view Harris Hospital’s average ER wait time -- based on a two-hour rolling average, updated every 15 minutes – on the internet at HarrisHospital.com. Also, if you have an emergency, and want to know the current average wait time for the ER at Harris Hospital, it’s just one touch away on any smart phone. The hospital mobile website directly brings up the average wait time. This convenience will give you an indication of what kind of wait you can expect. Residents in the Jackson and Independence County areas may notice Harris Hospital’s billboard in the near future at Newark on Hwy 69 which will also include the same rolling wait time average on a digital clock – a convenient reminder of your hometown hospital’s commitment to quality and fast ER care.