Former Tuckerman High School graduate, Cary Barner-Nelson is pleased to announce the release of her debut novel, “Justice for All.” She began writing “Justice for All” in 2009, after a conversation she had with her coworker, Elaine Hill.

“Justice for All” is a story about a young woman, Madison, who lives in a small town and dreams of escaping the small town life, if only for a little while. She agrees to go on a road trip with a friend she met over the Internet three years before. Alexander and Madison begin to make plans, and then she starts to have strange and, what she fears are, prophetic dreams of bad things to come. Even though, she is scared and anxious she decides to go with Alexander, since this may be her only chance to travel. Their expedition goes without any problems, until the unthinkable happens in Arizona. Their vehicle breaks down forcing Alexander and Madison to walk in the middle of the night to a gas station they seen about twenty miles back. It takes all night, but they make it, only to realize the gas station is closed. They sit down and wait, hoping for someone to come by. Madison eventually falls asleep. When she wakes up, she sees several men standing around her and that Alexander is gone. The guys shove Madison into a vehicle, where she sees Alexander, beaten nearly to death. The men take her and Alexander to a basement, where they assault her and continue beating the life out of Alexander. Ryan, the leader, has a little brother named Qwen. Qwen has grown tired of Ryan and his evil games. Qwen does his best to help Alexander and Madison escape Ryan and his lackeys’ wrath. Is Alexander able to survive the cruel beatings he has received? Does Madison fall in love with her hero, Qwen, only to lose him? And is she able to make it home alive? Find out more by purchasing the book. It is available on the Kindle and in paperback. Cary will be having three book signings in Jackson County for the month of October. First, she will be at the March of Dimes benefit at Lockwood Park in Newport Saturday, Oct. 6. Secondly, she will be at Studio Salon’s Grand Opening, which is located at1807 Hwy 367 N in Newport on Oct. 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lastly, she will be at the Tuckerman Fall Festival on Oct. 26-27. For more information, you can visit Justice for All’s Facebook fan page- www.facebook.comjfa092012 or you can email her at You can also go to to purchase an eBook ($2.99) or a paperback ($11.99). If you purchase a book directly from Cary, her charge is $10. She urges everyone who purchases a book to go to to leave a review. Cary lives in Tuckerman with her husband, Bradley Nelson. She has worked for the State of Arkansas for seven years; four of those years have been spent at the Arkansas Revenue office. She is currently writing her second novel, and hopes to have it ready for release in early 2013. She has a third novel in the works as well, but it will be around 2014 before it is ready for release. She has also won a short story contest, and hopes to enter many more in the future. Cary Barner-Nelson would like to thank Studio Salon and Christy Beshears Photography for their participation in helping her promote her novel!