Each year you may notice the beautiful Christmas card display in Lockwood Park that is visible from Malcolm Avenue.

This project was started by a group of volunteer artists to raise money for the Jackson County Learning Center. Each of these cards was specially designed and hand-painted by the artists for individuals and businesses that wanted to support the work that the Learning Center does. Over the years, thousands have enjoyed seeing them on display. It is a customary stop for most while out enjoying Christmas light displays. While no new cards are being painted this year, in order to continue to display the cards already completed, we need the help of the residents in Jackson County. Many of the cards have been vandalized and/or run down by the weather. They need repairs and touch-up paint. Many of the individuals who began this project are now unable to continue to help because of health problems and other time constraints. We are looking for new volunteers to step in and help us continue this Christmas tradition. If you are a handyman, artist, or can just “color inside the lines” and would like to help, please contact the Jackson County Learning Center at 870-523-8488. We only have a few short weeks to get all the cards ready, so your help is needed NOW! Don’t let this wonderful community Christmas tradition go by the wayside.