Cheerleading is about more than just motivating the crowd at ball games; they are representatives of the school and community.

This year the cheerleaders decided to raise money for the Komen Foundation of Arkansas.  This desire to help find a cure, led to the month long project, "Cheer for a Cure."
 “Every 74 seconds someone in the world dies of breast cancer.  It is a disease that affects almost everyone in some way,” said NHS Cheer Coach Judy Beard.
“Former Newport Cheerleader Terri Cox Baker has spent the last year battling the disease that also took her mother’s life.  We wanted to do something to try to prevent others from facing a similar battle.”
This Friday night is Pink Out at Greyhound Field and fans are asked to dress in Pink to show their support of the fight against breast cancer.
“The night is being dedicated to the fight.  The football team will wear pink socks; cheer and whippets will be in pink as well as the band who will replace their orange tie for a new pink one.  
The cheerleaders will be honoring those who have lost their life to breast cancer as well as those who have survived the disease.  
“The girls have worked hard to make this a special night,” said Beard.  
The cheerleaders have been selling links for the “Chain of Hope” which will be unveiled at the game Friday night.  The proceeds from the links will go to the Komen Foundation of Arkansas.  
“We wanted to do something that would allow everyone to participate.  We decided that everyone could give up a coke or coffee and donate $1,” said Beard.
While the goal of the project is to raise money for a worthy cause, it is also to teach the girls the importance of giving back.  
“We live in a community that is always willing to support us, and I believe that it is important that the girls learn that they too must be willing to give,” said Beard.
Beside the "Pink Out" activities the cheerleaders have also donated their time painting faces for the Battered Women's Shelter during Depot Days, and leading the parade for the March of Dimes Duck Race.
Once the "Pink Out" ends the girls will begin focusing their time on preparing for the 4A State cheerleading Championship and NCA Nationals.
“We basically have two seasons going at the same time, sideline cheer and competitive cheer,” said Captain Mindy Linvell.  
“We have to prepare for Friday night and also prepare our routine for the regional and state cheer competition.  So this time of year is really hectic for us.”
Last year Newport finished at State Runner-Up at the State Championships.  
“We didn’t expect to be really competitive last year; it was our first time to compete in years. When we finished as State Runner-Up we knew that we wanted to win this year,” said Linvell.  
“Our goal is to win state this year and we are determined to reach that goal.”
The girls practice a minimum of 10 hours a week preparing in order to prepare for Friday nights as well as Regionals, State.  
In January the girls will compete at NCA Nationals in Dallas, Texas.  
The 2012-2013 Cheerleaders include:  Captain Mindy Lindvell, Co-Captains Emily Lowery and Abbey Jones, Sissy Boyster, Ashton Madden, Iyesha Jones, Kathryn Connor, Abby Ratton, Autumn Mears, Tara Harris, Taylor Honey, Mallory Watson and Paige Wilson.