The Newport City Council voted and approved an Ordinance rezoning property at 1000 McLain St. from R-2 Residential District to C-3 Commercial Neighborhood District.

According to Newport Mayor David Stewart, the property consist of two lots that are vacant on McLain St., 1 block West of the Harris Hospital parking lot.
"The prospective new owner wants to build a metal building on those lots for his business. It's owned now by Jimmy Heatherly and Carolyn Junkin and the sale is pending, therefore, we need to get this done as quickly as possible, explained Stewart.
The rezoning had already been approved by the Newport Planning Commission per a public meeting held on Oct. 24.
"The people in the area that have anything at all to do with it have all been notified. I don't know of anyone that said anything negative about it, it's just one of those little spot zonings that we need to
do from time to time," said Stewart.
In other business:
- Mayor Stewart informed the council that the Newport City Sales Tax
numbers for September were up approximately $9,766 compared to this
time last year. The Jackson County Sales tax numbers were up $2,819
and the NEDC Sales Tax numbers were up $4,878.
" There were a couple of bad months, but were back up and were still
well over what we projected, it looks like were going to be right at
$200,000 over the projected income on city sales tax this year."
- Stewart gave an update on a water mane that was cut while laying the
ground work for the new Walmart Supercenter.
"We had a 10 inch water mane cut during the dirt work for the new
Walmart Friday. All of Sink addition and part of the North end of town
was out of water all day Friday, explained Stewart. It caused some
dis-colored water, luckily it was on a water loop, they were able to
back-flush and I think most everything is cleared up now."
- The council received their copies of the financial statement ending
in September. As usual the Mayor checked for questions and reminded
the council if any questions arise to contact his office.
- The first reading of an Ordinance to adopt the Arkansas Energy Code
for new building construction was heard by the council.
- Mayor Stewart updated the council on the Ordinance concerning
retirement benefits for the City Attorney that was read at the last
council meeting.
"We (Stewart and City Attorney Steven Howard) have decided at this
time to not have the other two readings. If any council member wishes
to do something different than that, let me know, and we can put that
back on the agenda," said Stewart.
The ordinance has been tabled.