Capping off an eventful evening at Tuckerman's City Council meeting,
City Clerk/Treasurer Joyce Hembry announced her resignation effective
November 21, 2012.

The council, unsure who would be her replacement, discussed several
courses of action before voting to appoint a temporary treasurer.
The temporary treasurer would handle only the treasurer duties until
the council found a suitable replacement to finsh Hembry's term as
"They (whomever is appointed) would fufill her (Hembry's) term and
would have to run for re-election," explained Mayor Larry Bowen.
The office of City Clerk is an elected position, however, it is within
the rights of the council to appoint a replacement until the current
term ends.
The treasurer, whose responsibilities are typically combined with the
duties of the elected clerk, is a paid position no different than any
other city employee.
Alderman Chuck Fortenberry rounded out the discussion with what could be his last suggestion as a member of the coucil.
"When we elect a new clerk they're going to have to be a resident of
the City of Tuckerman and I would hope when we appoint somebody for a
short time they would be a resident of the City of Tuckerman. I hope
that the next time anybody is hired that draws a city check, they have
to have a water bill and a sewer bill that they pay at the City of
Tuckerman. I don't like the idea of somebody drawing a check from
Tuckerman, living somewhere else, and not paying a water and sewer
Several audience members agreed.