Jan Paschal spoke at Tuesday's Tuckerman City Council Meeting thanking Mayor Larry Bowen for his help securing grants for Every Child is Ours.

" We are applying for a grant with your mayor, and we’re proud of that,
there is money available to get portable water purifying systems, the
size of a suitcase," said Paschal.
According to Paschal the purifiers cost $35,000 and she had
confirmation that they were accepted into the grant pool.
"We got a call back they are reviewing it, they liked what they seen
so far and we want to thank to the Mayor for working with us on this,"
Paschal also mentioned that ECIO had already received two grants one
which she plans to use to help home-bound seniors.
"We will have someone that goes out to homes of people who are not
able to get out and takes food to them," explained Paschal
The food will not be cooked meals as previously with "Meals on Wheels"
 but instead consist more of canned foods that will be delivered once a
week. The program will be available to citizens of Tuckerman, Grubbs,
Swifton and Campbell Station
"We will also have that person who sees what else they need, they may
need home health services and that person would refer them to other
The second grant will be used to purchase a walk-in freezer for the
food pantry.
According to Paschal the freezer will be in a portable building with
lights, heat and air, and space to store clothing. It will be placed
at the front of the ECIO food pantry by the end of Dec. or early Jan.
"We have to thank our Fire Department and our schools for letting us
store stuff in their freezers when we happen to get more food than we
know what to do with."
Lastly, Pashcal asked the council for help securing coats for middle
school and high school students at Jackson County School District who
can't afford one on their own.
She explained that they had already handed out coats to elementary
student by asking the school  for a list of names and sizes so that they could be handed
out on an individual basis. They then contacted the Rice Depot
and Walmart who donated some and then purchased the rest, 36 total.
"Before we do anything else we would like for all of you to think
about people you know who might be able to help us with this," said

In other business:

- The Mayor informed the council that 2 people from Jonesboro Absolute
Care had approached him interested in leasing or possibly buying the
Tuckerman Living Center.
The council unanimously agreed that the business should, ideally, be
sold but would consider a lease if it were long term, at least "10 to
15 years."
"We should try and sell it, that way the city doesn't have that
liability and were not responsible for making repairs to be building,
said Alderwoman Lynelle Bridgeman.
"The city isn't in the business of running a personal business."
The council ultimately decided to let mayor enter into negotiations with
the company to talk preliminary figures and gauge their level of
- Resolution 2012-08, a 5 mill tax for real and personal millage in
the city voted on each year, was passed.
- The council received their copies of the 2013 expected budget.
Feeling there were possible ways to trim costs they decided not
to approve the budget, instead they intend to review it further and bring it
back up at the next meeting.
- Police Chief Jonathan Tubbs announced that the police department had
received a $4200 grant.
He intends to use the grant to purchase a new table for the prosecutor
and court clerk and also to purchase new police uniforms.