The Newport City Council accepted the resignation of member Aaron Hopkins at their meeting Monday night.

"I, Aaron Hopkins, no longer reside in ward 3 of the city of Newport. At this time, although it pains me, I ask that the City Council accept my resignation from the position of Alderman for the City of Newport," Hopkins said via letter.
The Council along with Mayor David Stewart expressed gratitude for his service.
"He's been on for two years, he's the one we appointed, and it's worked out real well. I appreciate you coming forward when we were looking for somebody. You've done an excellent job," said Stewart.
The council will discuss a replacement at the next council meeting, Monday, Dec. 3.
In other business:
- The council voted and adopted the Arkansas Energy Code for new building construction.
- Mayor Steward informed council members that he had applied for a
grant to be used to help purchase police cars for 2013.
According to Stewart it is a new grant and if acquired would pay for
one of three police cars, as long as three police cars were purchased.
"We typically buy two (cars) a  year anyways, so we would be buying
our two and getting a third one for basically nothing," said Alderman
Neal Pankey
According to Police Chief Michael Scudder Newport was the only city to
apply for the grant.
"If Successful we'll know in March," said Stewart.
- The Mayor called for executive session to discuss a possible promotion in the City Clerk/Treasurer's office. After returning to regular session, Stewart announced that no action had been taken but the issue would be addressed in the 2013 proposed budget which he will "hand deliver" next week.