Local band Southern Pride, a.k.a The Short Notice Band. will perform at the ASU-Newport Student Center, Dec. 6 at 6:30 p.m., for the Jackson County Learning Center Christmas Party.

The band began playing the event 5 years ago, earning them the title The Short Notice Band.
"The first year we did this the band that was supposed to play for them (JCLC), at the last minute, canceled," said Taylor. "I got the call from Hal Mantooth at 3 o'clock on a Friday afternoon and he asked me if I could get something together for 6 that night."
Mantooth is a local drummer who plays with various bands.
With Taylor's studio being in Beedeville, he didn't really think it would be possible to put a show together but obliged anyways.
"What we did, Hal came and brought his standup bongo drums and me and our rhythm guitarist brought acoustic guitars and a small PA system and we walked into that Country Club not knowing what to expect," Taylor explained.
Taylor says he was surprised by the amount of people in the audience and was unsure how the people would feel about the acoustic music.
"We start playing and it's like dead silence, and thought oh my, and the next thing you know I hear some shuffling in the back," explained Taylor. "One of the guys had gotten up from his table and started doing a little boot scoot and the next thing you know everyone of them (the learning center clients) was on the floor dancing, It was wonderful."
Not only does the Learning Center enjoy the show but Taylor enjoys their enthusiasm maybe even more.
"It's the most grateful group of people we've ever played for in our life and I look so forward to it every year." Southern Pride consist of Taylor (guitar and vocals), his wife Kara Taylor (vocals), Hal Mantooth (Drums) and at this particular event Richard Northorpe, previously of the White River Monster, will play guitar and sing some.
"This is really the only band they ever get to see, we're their rock stars and we're real proud of that."
Each year the Jackson County Learning Center has a Christmas Party for it's consumers, staff, and families.
"This is possible through donations collected from various businesses and individuals throughout the county," said Jackson County Learning Center Executive Director Glenda Rutledge-May.
The donations received provide for a traditional Christmas dinner followed by entertainment provided by a band that donates their services.
"The clients of the Learning Center love music and enjoy dancing the night away," May said.
The donations will also provide for a visit and gift from Santa Claus for the clients on their last day before the holiday shutdown.