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  • Assessor's office releases public service announcement

  • The Jackson County Assessor's office would like to remind the tax payers of Jackson County about all of its online resources available at no charge and accessible 24/7.†
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  • Taxpayers of Jackson County can access all public records dealing with assessing online, including both real estate and personal property records which can be found by going to www.actDataScout.com.† Also available is the online personal property assessment website at www.assessjacksoncounty.com for those who own personal property in Jackson County.† This tool was introduced in 2012 and allows the public to assess from the convenience of any location with internet access.† It is very useful for the taxpayers of the county who cannot make arrangements for assessing between normal business hours 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.† Feel free to call the Jackson County Assessor's office at 870-523-7410 with any questions regarding all of it's online services available. †
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