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Cheerful giving can take some time
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By Leslie Fite
Leslie Rose Fite is a native of south Arkansas and grew up with a family filled with dysfunction and laughter.
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By Leslie Fite
Jan. 2, 2013 4:57 p.m.

My husband Dusty and I are very prone to cleaning out our pockets on end tables and coffee tables and counters. This results in a lot of spare change all over the place until my periodic sweep to throw them all in the piggy bank. We don't have young kids and don't think a lot about the change lying around. Kids aren't that way though. They notice change. My five year old nephew, Jack stayed the night with me on Saturday. On Sunday morning, he held a handful of change out to me. I told him he could put it in his pocket to put in the offering plate at church. I expected him to shove the change in his pocket. Instead he glared at me. "You're not apposed to take Dusty's coins," he said. I laughed - it struck me as very funny to get a stealing lecture from such a little guy. "How do you know they aren't my coins?" I asked him. Really, I didn't have a clue either way. "Because they're not. They're Dusty's coins and you're not apposed to take them." I told him that part of the change was mine and the part that wasn't, Dusty wouldn't mind. "What if he does?" He was still glaring at me. "Then I'll be in trouble for telling you to and you won't." This made him happy. So he began picking up all of my change and stuffing it in his pockets. There wasn't a lot until he found the laudry room. The place of lost socks and lost coins. I left him to his thing while I got ready for church. I did not inspect the find.
When the deacons brought the offering plate down the aisle, I told Jack to put his coins in. He emptied his pants pocket (which for a little guy takes a while), then the other pants pocket. I was surprised his pants were staying up as heavy as they must be. He asked me to hold the change and then he began emptying jacket pockets. This also surprised me. He didn't have his jacket on in the laundry room. By now, the deacons have gotten close. He grabbed his change, using his hand and making an extra trough with his little arms and ran to the end of the pew. By now, the others that can see him are laughing with me. In his rush, he dropped a dime. He leaned over to pick it up, and dumped several more out of his cupped arms that he tilted without realizing it. He picked those up just to drop more. It was a steady waterfall effect until the usher got there to relieve him of the weight. Jack was smiling ear to ear and I think that I know why God loves a cheerfull giver. The rest of us loved it too!

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