Imboden resident Daniel E. Malin, 39, sits in a Jackson County jail facing forgery and theft charges after allegedly cashing a stolen check at a local business.

According to Lt. Patrick Weatherford, Newport Police Department, on Jan. 6, the Newport Police Department was contacted by the Independence County Sheriff's Department in reference to two checkbooks being turned in by a concerned citizen. Police say that the citizen had allowed Malin to use her home restroom where he left the checkbooks behind. A police affidavit states that the NPD contacted Keith Scoggins, the person listed as the account holder on the checks, who informed police that the two checkbooks had previously been stolen from his vehicle and that Malin had worked for him as a farm hand. Lt. Weatherford says, "On Jan. 8 I made contact with ASSET Protection Associate Rocky Brooks at Walmart in Newport. Brooks was able to determine that someone attempted to cash two of Scoggins' checks on one of his accounts and actually did cash one check on the other account." According to Weatherford, electronic journal information, provided by Brooks, shows that on Jan. 5, at approximately 8:07 p.m. Malin attempted to cash a check on one of Scoggins' accounts and was declined. A second attempt was made at 8:11 p.m. also being declined. The affidavit states that Malin left the store, returned and successfully cashed a $140 check on one of Scoggins' accounts. Following the transaction, according to Weatherford, Malin purchased a tobacco product and the cashier inputs "04/01/1973" as the birthday of the purchaser. "Brooks provided video surveillance footage of these incidents. I am positive, based on previous interaction as well as comparison to a known photo, that the person on the video performing the aforementioned acts is in fact Daniel Edward Malin. Furthermore, Malin's date of birth is April 1, 1973, which matches the information entered by the cashier," Said Weatherford. Malin appeared in court Monday and was formally charged with two counts of forgery in the second degree, theft of property and breaking and entering. His bond was set at $100,000. According to police, Malin has been convicted of at least eight prior felonies which could enhance his penalties as a habitual offender.