The 59th annual Jackson County Spelling Bee will be held Tuesday, Jan. 29, at 9:30 a.m. in the Edwin Shaver Auditorium on the Tuckerman school campus. Contestants in grades two through eight from the Newport School District and the Jackson County School District will compete in the oral spelling bee.

The county champion will receive a first prize of $100.00, a spelling medal, a trophy for the school, and $50.00 for expenses to the 2013 Arkansas State Spelling Bee being held in early March. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sponsors the Arkansas State Spelling Bee and the state winner will compete in the National Spelling Bee held this summer in Washington, D.C. The second place winner will receive $50.00, while third place will be awarded $25.00. The top speller in grades two through four will receive $15.00. Each contestant will receive a $2.00 bill, a participant’s ribbon, and lunch at the Pizza Hut. Participants from each district are: Jackson County School District: 2nd grade―Mackenzie Soden, age 8, daughter of Chad & Micahlene Soden
 Brandon Smith, age 8, son of Deanna & Jason Smith 3rd grade―Lexi Taylor, age 9, daughter of Melissa Brock Malachi Gates, age 9, son of Brandon & Jacquelyn Gates 
4th grade―Karlee Blevins, age 9, daughter of Lora & Dewayne Blevins
 Luke Etheridge, age 10, son of Rachel & Mark Etheridge 5th grade―Cassie Reynolds, age 10, daughter of Nichole Henson & Trevor Reynolds
 Hunter Webb, age 11, son of Shannon & Samantha Webb 
6th grade―Kaitlyn Adams, age 11, daughter of Terry Adams & Cathy Lockhart
 Breannah Porter, age 12, daughter of Betty Porter 7th grade―Will Bradley, age 12, son of Robbie & Jennifer Bradley
 Faith Davis, age 13, daughter of William T. & Donita Davis 8th grade―Andrew Flowers, age 13, son of Melissa Flowers & Donnie Flowers
 Hannah Pitts, age 14, daughter of Lynn Pitts & Waylon Pitts Newport School District: 2nd grade―Scott Gowan, age 8, son of Scott & Cindy Gowan 3rd grade – Anthony Walton, age 8, son of Anthony Walton & Ashley Walton Miller Wallace, age 8, son of Bentley & Darby Wallace 4th grade―Omarion King, age 9, son of Linda Harris Erica Lore, age 9, daughter of Dennis & Melissa Lore 5th grade―Kayle Fite, age 10, daughter of Greg & Drucilla Fite Alexis Claeys, age 10, daughter of Jon & Lucinda Claeys 6th grade―Sequoyah King, age 11, daughter of Chris & Stephanie King Brett Bennett, age 11, son of Gary & Dana Bennett 7th grade―Jacey Poplawski, age 12, daughter of 8th grade―Tyrah Johnson, age 13, daughter of Tracy Johnson The County coordinator and pronouncer for the event is Sandra Brock. The school coordinators are Ami Driver―Newport and Tanya Wood―Tuckerman/Swifton. Judges are Margarett Gatlin, Penny Churchman, and Ami Driver.