"I really, really from the bottom of my heart want to thank all the public that went out and voted. What they have just done is put some new life into this county," said Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas after hearing Tuesday night's special election results.

A monumental 70 percent of Jackson County voters voted yes to both the proposition to build the new jail and the proposition to maintain the facility. 1,041 total ballots cast were for the three-eights cent sales tax increase to build the new facility with 443 opposing. A total 1,054 voters said yes to the three-eights cent sales tax to maintain the the jail while 444 opposed. Jackson County Judge Jeff Phillips says, "I would like to thank all the citizens of Jackson County for coming out and voting for this critical issue. We can more forward now and I look forward to getting all of this behind us, getting our jail built and doing everything we can to pay it off and get one of those three-eights off the books." He continues, " That is going to be our goal and our focus. Again, I really do humbly appreciate everybody coming out and supporting us." Sheriff David Lucas says he had faith in his county all along. "I figured and knew that once they knew how important this issue was that voters would come through and support their county. This just proves that and i'm very, very appreciative of them," says Lucas. Now that the funding is there, the county can move forward with construction plans. "Now we get with the architects and the bonds people and see what we need to do and when they can start," said Phillips. As for the current jail, Lucas believes the state will allow them to use the facility until the new one can be built. "I think this is going to buy us some time. We may have to continue to ship some (inmates) out to keep the count down, but i don't think they will shut us down," Lucas explains. Totals are based on unofficial results.