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Driftwood dragon
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This driftwood dragon looks great in purple or red
This driftwood dragon looks great in purple or red
By Diane Hunt
Feb. 15, 2013 10:38 a.m.

I ordered a series of driftwood dragons and just got them in a few weeks ago. When I saw this bad boy my fingers itched to paint him. Do you ever see something and think I have to do that? I am that way with ceramics. I also won’t sell a painted piece off of the shelf of the shop. Most people never notice something that is not painted but once it is painted it attracts attention.

Driftwood Dragon in Lair

Doc Holliday 2313

  • Base coat dragon black.
  • Dry brush wood areas with medium brown, toast, lightly with country blue and highlight with light grey.
  • Dry brush dragon belly and lower part of wings (front only) with cranberry. Mix white with cranberry and highlight. Keep mixing white with the cranberry until you get the desired shade of pink. Go up a little farther than you want the pink, the purple will be pulled down over the pink. Lightly drybrush crystal ice on belly.
  • Dry brush the remaining areas of the dragon with dioxazine purple (American), regal purple add white with regal purple to highlight.
  • Paint tongue true red, teeth white, and paint his toe nails and eyes black. Place a white highlight in each eye.
  • Dry brush gold on scales, horn tips and hair.
  • Spray with sealer.
  • As always, if you would like to see something on the blog, attend a class or two or have questions text me at 870-331-4255.

    Doc Holliday American

    Medium brown Dioxazine purple


    Country blue

    Light grey


    Regal purple true red




    Crystal ice

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