City Inspector Craig Baker asked the council to consider property located at 1514 Dewey St. for condemnation at Tuesday's Newport City Council meeting.

"It's just kind of stuck off in the back of an alley. At one time I believe it was what they call a mother-in-law house," Baker said. According to Baker the property is owned by Michael R. Danielson who has allowed the property to dilapidate for the better part of 10 years while living in Washington State. "I've received complaints from neighbors on all four sides of the property," Baker explained. "I went to look at the property for myself and the roof if falling in, the floors are falling in and the property has been in this shape for at least 8 to 10 years." Baker says he has made several unsuccessful attempts to contact Mr. Danielson. "The certified letter, which is the first step of the condemnation sending out the violation notice, was signed by Annette Danielson and we've have not been able to contact Michael or Annette since that first letter," Baker explains. According the Baker, the property taxes on the property have been delinquent since 2007 and he has sent notification to the State Land Commissioner. Baker says he intends on working with City Attorney Steven Howard within the next two weeks to draw up the resolution for the condemnation of the property. "I would like the council to go by and look at the property themselves. See what I'm seeing as I always ask you to do," he continues. " Hopefully the second meeting in March we can come to a conclusion on whether or not to condemn this property, but right now it is my suggestion that we do because it is unfit for human habitation." In other business: - Newport Mayor David Stewart presented the members of the council with their copies of the 2012 City Financial Statements which can be viewed in the classified section of this week's Newport Independent. - Stewart informed the council the trash loader for 2013 had been rebid. "We opened bids on that last week. We had two bidders but neither of them met the specifications that we put out," Stewart explains. "So we rebid it last week, it was in the newspaper this weekend, and will open bids on it next week. Should have something at the next city council meeting on that." - The Council approved a $69,554 bid from Rivercity Hydraulics in Sherwood, for a 10-yard Trash Truck also known as a Pak-Rat. "That's the residential garbage trucks. The small ones that pick up your house garbage," Stewart said.