This week I want to show you a piece from an 18 month old.  I labeled the piece the Patchwork Pig.  And looking at the photo you can see India painted it any color she wanted.  This is the final result.  I painted the eyes and toes, but the rest was all her creative juices flowing.  It won 1st place at the Arts and Craft booth at the fair. 

This piece is a piggy bank and it's popular with young painters.

It's never too early to let your child get creative. While it's tempting to "help" them do it the "right" way, it's important that they learn to express themselves from an early age.

And there's never a "wrong" finished piece, from the blue pig to the pink giraffe, a youngster can always be proud of the results and, as you can see from this pig that was painted many years ago, the piece can serve as a keepsake for years to come.