How to avoid a stony heart.


A stony heart is a detriment,

But can be changed if so desired.

It can not be achieved by hoping,

A study of God's Word and speaking it is required.

The heart is the gateway to your spirit,

But only God's Word can enter in.

The spirit is receptive to good things,

And will have no part of your sin.

The things you do and say,

Is how you renew your mind.

Reading the scriptures aloud,

Is the secret you will find.

This may sound foolish to you,

But you will come to find.

Your spirit is growing in love,

As God's Word renews your mind.

Renewing your mind is imperative .

When you are born again.

Hearing the Word of God will expand your faith,

Without it you will remain in sin.

Brady c. Ervin