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By Diane Hunt
March 8, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Getting a new mold is like opening a Christmas present! When I opened the mold on this dream catcher my hand started to itch just wanting to paint the piece. Do any of you ever do that? It may not be ceramics but some other hobby. Each mold had a personality of its own too. This guy literally gave me fits. I was in such a hurry to get the piece dry, I took him out of the mold and turned a fan on it to dry faster. I could already envision him painted and I wanted to speed the process up! The next morning I went out to the shop hoping he would be dry enough to fire. However, that was not to be. I had taken him out of the mold too soon and he was dry, but he had also sagged and was about six inches tall. I felt like crying. So it was back to pouring table again.

Indian with Dream Catcher

Creative Paradise 2944

1. Basecoat skin areas with native flesh –antique with shimmering bark.

Antique by brushing on the antique doing small areas at a time and

wiping back with a soft cloth. If you don’t get a good coverage on the

basecoat the antiquing will look splotchy.

2. Paint hair black, allow to dry then dry brush hair with obsidian black.

Lightly paint lips with leather brown. Paint eyes white with a real

brown iris and a black pupil. Place a white dot for the highlight.

3. Basecoat sky and mountain areas with blue steel and tap country blue

over sky areas. Add white to your brush and tap in the clouds.

4. Mountains—dry brush real brown and tap fire wood and sand with a

touch of shadow green on bottom of mountain. All of these colors are

used very sparely. Pull these colors down the mountain to give the

mountain the shape and depth (use a flat dry brush).

5. Eagle and base—dry brush real brown, medium brown, eagle only

dry brush lightly with leather brown. Dry brush tips of wings and head

white. Paint beak and feet mustard, paint eye toast with a black pupil

and a dot of white for the highlight.

6. Dry brush band around dream catcher with leather brown and

highlight with ruby red. Paint stitching with sand. Paint round disk

silver. Paint bead ruby red. Dry brush feathers white and turquoise.

7. Trees—dry brush with shadow green highlight with leaf green

8. Rocks—dry brush with dark grey, light grey, and highlight with white.

9. Bark mostly found on the back of the piece—dry brush real brown and

medium brown.

10. Tap crystal ice on rocks and mountain tops.

11. Spray with sealer.

Doc Holliday

Native flesh

Obsidian black

Leather brown

Real brown

Fire wood

Medium brown

Dark grey

Light grey




Shadow green

Leaf green

Blue steel

Country blue



Ruby red

Black antiquing

Crystal ice



Shimmering bark antiquing






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