Have you ever wondered why your paint brushes don’t seem to last as long as you think they should?  Some of your brushes may already have dry paint caked in the brush near the ferrule (the metal part of the paint brush).  A small fortune can be spent on brushes but with these tips hopefully you will be able to cut your cost.

You want to avoid paint build up in your brushes!  To do this, always start by dipping your brush in water (all brushes except a dry brush) work the water into the bristles and pat on a paper towel.  Then dip into your paint and do not load the brush up to the ferrule. Rinse your brush out regularly to help avoid paint build up.  When you finish painting, rinse the brush in water.  Do not leave your paint brush setting in water for a long period of time.  This will cause the outer cover of the paint brush to peal off and the bristles to spread out.  However, if this happens it is not the end of the world, these brushes can be used to make wonderful leaves if you oil paint.  They are also good for base coating pieces.

I like to use Ivory soap to clean my paint brushes, or you can purchase brush cleaners at your local craft store.  Do this by gently brushing the bristle so the brush back and forth across the soap and rinse thoroughly.  When you are finished washing out the brushes, leave them laying flat on paper towels and allow to dry completely before storing the brushes.   You never want to store the paint brushes wet as the water will pool down in the ferrule and over time will ruin the brush.

Hopefully, this will help you.  Until next week,