Trails to Tuckerman Historical Society held their annual meeting March 4, 2013. Eddie Nagel, second vice president for archiving, called the meeting to order in the absence of President Tommy Young.

Vickie Williams, secretary, read the minutes from the last month's meeting. Treasurer Bill Biggers gave the financial report, recognized new members and reported on the memorial funds. Williams gave a report on the Jackson County School District Student of the Month Scholarship fund while reporter Ollie Brown reminded everyone that the society is still collecting pictures and all history material. Nagel and Debbie Brown said, "We have 3,600 pages and personal interviews on our website, We are pleased with how well it is going. Contacts from other states have responded because of it." Student of the month Julian Green was presented with a plaque and cash at the meeting. It was decided that the pancake breakfast will be held April 5, from 6-9 p.m. at the Tuckerman Center with the money made going towards the student of the month fund. Nagel then appointed a committee to work the event with all student of the month students set to serve. The group is working to acquire pictures of any memorials for ideas to help with their memorial that is being planned. Designer Robert Marting will be at the next meeting to help start the project. The society reminds members that membership dues are being collected. Trails to Tuckerman will meet again April 1, 6 p.m. at the Tuckerman City Hall Courtroom.