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By Diane Hunt
March 25, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Spring is here and a very young person might think that means there is plenty of time until the next changing of the seasons. Those of us who have seen a "few" seasons change know better. You'll mow a few times, spend a few days vacationing (if you're lucky), and it'll be time to send the kids back to school and start raking the leaves of fall.
Most people pull out all the stops to decorate for Christmas but you may think it's too much trouble or too expensive to do seasonal decorating. If you have always wanted to make your home's decor change with the seasons, ceramics provides an inexpensive option. As spring arrives, you can pull out a few happy pieces painted in spring colors and - wah-lah - any room in your home can take on the wonder of the budding season. As fall approaches, simply pack away the spring items, pull out some fall items, and you've heralded the coming season.
And if you're looking for a great fall piece to add to your collection, just take a look at this.

Pumpkin with Church

Clay Magic 3358

  • Sky area basecoat lower portion of sky with powder blueblend top portion down to the powder blue with sky blue.  Add shadows to upper portion of the sky with forget me not blue.
  • Base coat the remainder of the piece with black. 
  • Dry brush background hills and large trees, foliage under the trees and in front of the building with toast.
  • Dry brush background hills with mustard, golden nugget, Indian corn, and sunburst.
  • Drybrush tall green tree and grass with shadow green and mustard highlight with sunburst.
  • Dry brush pumpkin and leaves with true orange and highlight with pumpkin.  Highlight leaves with sunburst.
  • Dry brush roof and steeple with forget me knot blue and highlight with sky blue. 
  • Dry brush church and steps with fog, light grey and white.  Paint window trim with forget me knot blue and highlight with sky blue.
  • Randomly highlight shrubs, with pumpkin, shadow green, true orange.  Highlight the large trees with sunburst-top of tree with true red and true orange.
  • Dry brush tree trunk, acorns, and path with real brown.  Highlight trees and path with medium brown.
  • Dry brush flowers in front of church with toast, true orange and true red.
  • Dry brush acorns bottom portion with real brown and medium brown.  Dry brush bottom with rust, mustard and sand.

    Doc Holliday

    Powder Blue   Light Grey

    Forget Me Knot Blue  Fog

    Sky Blue    True Red

    Toast    Indian Corn

    Mustard    Golden Nugget

    Sunburst    True Orange

    Pumpkin    Shadow Green

    Real Brown   Medium Brown

    Sand    Rust

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