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By Diane Hunt
March 25, 2013 12:01 a.m.

It's spring and if you're looking for a way to add a little color indoors, ceramics is the answer. This piece brings the beauty of an early spring flower and a beautiful butterfly to life. As a bonus, you can choose colors to complement your decor. I love the changing of the seasons. You can see Nature's reactions to the warmer temperatures in the spring and the bonus of an added hour of daylight in the evening means we are ready to get started with those outdoor activities. But until spring is really and truly here, let's paint something happy. And this piece is sure to bring some warmth to your home over the long months of next winter.
Nature Rock—Nature Is The Are Of God
1. Basecoat center of rock with cream, when dry wet brush
with navy. Paint inside of lettering with navy.
2. Basecoat remaining piece black.
3. Dry brush rock with fog and light grey.
4. Turtle and log dry brush with real brown and highlight with
medium brown.
5. Dry brush leaves and frog body with shadow green.
6. Dry brush fir leaves true red and randomly dry brush this
on the leaves and the center section of the rock with the
wording. Highlight all leaves with rust. Dry brush a small
amount on the shell of the turtle.
7. Paint lady bug true red with black markings.
8. Dry brush mushrooms with rust and toast. Highlight the log
with toast.
Doc Holliday
Light grey
Real brown
Medium brown
Shadow green
True red

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