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Wolves on the prowl
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By Diane Hunt
March 28, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Most country folks have heard the howl of a wolf or the yipping of a pack of them. There’s no doubt that sound sends a tingle down the spine and causes every domesticated dog in the house to stop, perk up those ears and howl along. Even aside from the howl, wolves are intriguing creature. They are powerful but shy and when you see one it the wild, it’s usually at a distance with the wolf watchful, careful, and almost hidden the entire time.
I guess that’s why I like this piece. These three wolves are how I imagine wolves in the wild. One’s howling and the other two are very watchful. The wolf heads are set on a great piece of driftwood so the piece takes on a very earthy feeling.
And let’s not overlook our nearby team, the Prescott Curley Wolves. If you’ve got a die-hard Curley Wolf fan in your life, this piece would be a great gift. Paint it to put in your office to declare your affiliation to the team or to add a touch of earthtones.
3 Headed Driftwood Wolves
Doc Holliday 2612
Basecoat entire piece black.
Drybrush entire piece with real brown.
Driftwood only drybrush with fire wood.
Wolves—drybrush with dark grey, light grey and white. Antique black doing a small area at a time and wiping back. Wet brush real brown between eyes and under the eye area. Mix crystal ice and white together and drybrush the white areas. Paint nose black.
Leaves—drybrush with shadow green and highlight with papaya
Paint eyes mustard or a green with a black pupil and a white highlight.
Paint top of mouth black and bottom of mouth with true red.
Doc Holliday paint
Real brown Black antiquing
Dark grey
Light grey
Fire wood
Crystal ice
Shadow green
True red

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