My thoughts about losing weight.


Passing by a mirror,

I looked at my profile.

I guess I have gained some weight,

I had avoided a mirror for a while.

A pound here or a pound behind,

They seem to come too fast.

But I have the answer,

To exercise and lose those pounds at last.

It is not too easy as the years accumulate,

Soon forty years I will double.

And to lose weight I must,

Stop eating and that is real trouble.

The MD said I need to lose,

And he is skinny as a rail.

He does not know the joy in gaining,

And loosing I usually fail.

The MD says my health would be better,

If my weight I would lose.

Now I must make a choice,

To eat or starve, which will I choose?

Exercise is not an option,

I do not like pain.

Are sore muscles and kinks worth it all?

I may just keep the gain.

When I sweat, I smell like a hawg,

It reminds me of sausage and then,

I go into the kitchen,

 And I have too eat again.

Brady C. Ervin