Spring is here and the City of Newport would like to remind everyone how important it is to keep the city looking beautiful. 

Chapter 5.04 of the Newport Municipal Code states that all property owners within the city are required to cut weeds and grass, remove garbage, debris, lumber, inoperable appliances, inoperable cars, trucks, lawn mowers, motorcycles, rubbish and other unsanitary and unsightly articles and things from their property and to eliminate, fill up or remove stagnant pools of water or any other unsanitary things, place or condition which might become a breeding place for mosquitoes, flies, and germs harmful to the health of the community. All weeds, grass or vines on such properties shall be cut when same attain a height of eight (8) inches or less and vines and low-hanging limbs shall be cut when the same are shown to foster the harboring and breeding of mosquitoes. All properties owners, residential and commercial, are encouraged to clear their property from all unsightly and unsanitary items and to maintain these properties in the same fashion.   The office of the City Inspector will be fully enforcing this and other ordinances involving with the health and sanitation of our city. Every person who fails to maintain his or her property in such manner shall be in violation. Any trash, limbs, grass, rubbish or debris may be bagged and placed near the roadside for pickup. "If everyone does their part, we can keep the City of Newport beautiful," says the City of Newport.