You may have an idea in your head of exactly what a dragon would look like or you may need to take a look at some of the mythical creatures in order to get some ideas. Either way, dragons are a very popular item for painters, young and old alike. It seems the possibilities are as endless as the imaginations of the painters so prepare to put your imagination in high gear if you choose to paint a dragon.

This particular dragon is staring at a reflecting ball and maybe he's thinking about the next knight who might come calling, or maybe he's considering how to get a little closer to that new girl dragon in the neighborhood without getting his wings singed!
In case you want to make one look just like mine, here are the instructions!


Dragon of Reflection

Doc Holliday 2383

Paint gazing ball with dioxazine purple (American). Base coat dragon black. Dry brush dragon with country blue.  Wet brush dragon and wings only (not the belly area) with mystic purple, when dry wet brush the same areas with midnight blue.  Dry brush belly with forget-me-knot blue mixed with crystal ice. Dry brush wood area with real brown, firewood and medium brown. Dry brush rocks with fog followed with light grey.  Wet brush rocks with mystic purple.  Allow to dry.  Dry brush rocks with white leaving touches of the mystic purple showing through. Paint spikes of hair and beard of dragon with daffodil.  Dry brush with Indian corn, cream and white. Paint tips of wing gold. Paint eyes daffodil with a black iris and a white highlight.  Paint teeth white.  Paint toe nails black. Spray and put glitter on wings.

Doc Holliday    American

Country blue    Dioxazine purple

Mystic purple

Midnight blue

Forget-me-knot blue

Crystal ice

Real brown


Medium brown


Light grey


Indian corn