The NEDC continues to work to recruit industrial prospects to Jackson County. 

To date they have said to have worked with 13 prospects on either new locations or expansions in Jackson County.  They have reached the stage to offer incentives to three and have had two that have verbally committed to locate in the county in the near future and one decision still pending.  In addition they say they have another prospect that is expected to submit a request for incentives to them in the next 60 days and has also verbally committed to locate in the county.  All together the prospects to whom we've made offers and the ones that have verbally committed represent a little over 250 jobs in the area.  "As soon as the companies allow us to announce them by name, you'll see more information coming out,"  said the NEDC via newsletter. "Another expansion in the county has added 30 new jobs in the last couple of months.  So we are seeing growth in Newport and Jackson County!"