My version of this Earth Dragon by Doc Holliday is all a-glitter thanks to a layer of glitter added to the finished piece. As is always the case with dragons, there are a million options for color combinations. To achieve the blue hues I've created here requires a combination of blues, purple and yellow.

Earth Dragon

Doc Holliday 1875

Base coat dragon black. Dry brush dragon with midnight blue.  Dry brush wings with blue suede. Dry brush dragon with mystic purple adding a small amount of white to highlight. Dry brush the spikes of hair on the dragon with flaxen yellow. Dry brush rocks with dark grey and light grey.  Wet brush rocks with mystic purple.  Dry brush white when dry, allowing the purple to show through. Dry brush tree trunk with real brown and highlight with medium brown. Paint toe nails, spikes of hairand belly gold.  Paint eyes with flaxen yellow, paint iris black with a white highlight.  Paint teeth white. Spray with sealer and when dry add glitter to the wings.

Doc Holliday

Midnight blue

Blue suede

Mystic purple

Flaxen yellow

Dark grey

Light grey

Real brown

Medium brown