Is your faith strong enough to endure through the malicious attacks of the enemy?

Can your faith hold up under extreme pressure?  Is your faith strong enough to endure through the malicious attacks of the enemy?   
There are times when we are just plain worn out from dealing with Satan’s attacks, and then we pray and hope that they will eventually go away.
We can find this example in the life of the Apostle Paul.   He was a great man of God and God used him in a great way, but his life was anything but easy.  As tough as it was, Paul’s pain became too much to bear.  We are told that He was given a thorn in the flesh, and though it is unknown to us, it was significant enough for him to ask God to take it away. His thorn was irritating and annoying, and after pleading with God three times to remove it, God replied, “My Grace is Sufficient.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)
I can only assume; “That wasn’t what Paul wanted to hear.”  Although he did admit that he delights in his infirmities.  
I believe that we all have a thorn in some way that we are dealing with.   And keep in mind, just because we are children of God, doesn’t mean we are exempted from Satan’s attacks.  Moreover, he finds us as the perfect target.
You may wonder, “How can I live with this thorn day in and day out?” You may feel that your thorn is holding you back and has kept you from excelling.   Don’t be discouraged, but be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus; (2 Timothy 2:1). Don’t let your faith waiver.  
However, your thorn may have been put there by the enemy to destroy you, but God can use it to define you.  Satan may have put it there to curse you, but God can use it to bless you.    Yes my dear friend, God’s Grace is truly sufficient.  His grace will get you through.

Carolyn Crow is a writer for the Siftings Herald and can be reached at