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Tis the season for hummers
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By Diane Hunt
June 24, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Have you had the hummingbird feeders out all spring? If you're like most folks, you have either made a million trips to the grocery store to buy more sugar because the little buggers are eating you out of house and home, or you're staring at the feeders while nothing but wasps drink there. If you don't have any hummers, I have a solution in the form of this fabulous little house, complete with its own humming birds. If you're enjoying a myriad of the birds at your feeders, you might want to make this piece as a reminder of the cuties over the winter months.

Hummingbird Birdhouse

Creative Paradise 3149

  • Basecoat walls of birdhouse, rocks, daisies and hummingbird with white. Antique walls of house and humming bird with the green tinted shimmering teak doing a small area at a time and wiping back. Antique the rocks with shimmering bark doing a small area at a time and wiping back.
  • Base coat roof, trim on birdhouse, leaves, greenery and bushes with black.
  • Dry brush roof with mustard and highlight with flaxon yellow.
  • Dry brush roses with cranberry, true red, and ruby red. Lightly add white to lighten, go back over with ruby red to cover up the chalky look.
  • Wet brush daises with mustard and wipe back extra paint. Paint center of daises with mustard. Dry brush with white.
  • Dry brush leaves and greenery with shadow green and highlight with leaf green.
  • Dry brush lattice on bird house with real brown and highlight with firewood.
  • Paint head of humming bird with true red. Paint tops of wings with obsidian black mixed with black. Paint beak and eyes black. Put a white highlight in the eyes.
  • Doc Holliday Creative Paradise
    Mustard Shimmering teak
    Flaxon yellow Shimmering bark
    True red
    Ruby red
    Shadow green
    Leaf green
    Real brown
    Obsidian black

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