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By Carolyn Crow and Jackie Calhoun
June 25, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Just the other day while pleasantly engaged in a front porch spring time chat with a dear friend, a suggestion was made that could prove to be a great help in my personal situation. It was simply one friend looking for and thinking about ways to help another friend in everyday conversation. It was something I knew about, but in the “busy-ness” of daily life it had gotten pushed aside, out of mind. That suggestion could be “the match that lights the fire that blazes the trail to a sure solution.” I saw in a moment this one remark could be the key to significant help for me that could come through in very good time. The validity of the benefits of this suggestion to me remains to be seen, but one thing I do know for sure, when friends pull together to get things done, problems often do get solved.
It is so nice to have friends surrounding us who genuinely care and who are willing to look for positive solutions. In Psalms 133: 1-3 the Bible says, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” It goes on to describe how such a relationship is like a pleasant, refreshing, fragrant oil formulated to anoint one’s head and body, and like a thirst-quenching dew that settles on the grass for the sheep to graze. It goes on to state that in this place of unity the blessing of the Lord has been commanded to be released on the people, “even life for evermore.”
Wow! The supernatural life and solutions offered by God are released simply by people getting together with one mind to assist people! What a lesson for families, for organizations, for cities, for legislators, for nations, and oh yes, for churches! God’s supernatural solutions are released from unity! This is what Jesus and his group did. They were of one mind to assist others in every way, and the supernatural power of God was there to help them do it, and this still works for us today. God’s power is available to us in everyday life for as far as we want to take it. One positive word shared could spark the fire to blaze the trail to a solution in any given situation that we are facing. And it is good to know, God specializes in the impossible!

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