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What will this frog be at your house?
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By Diane Hunt
July 2, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Talk about a versatile piece, this frog can take on several roles in your home. I personally think he works best as a place to put your kitchen scrubber. You could also use him for a small flower pot for a succulent or even an ornamental birdhouse. Got a kid who needs to learn about saving? Why not convert him into a bank? Whatever you decide to do with him, this frog is an easy piece to paint and could be your new friend.

Frog Bank—Bird house—Feeder

Doc Holliday 2741

Note: If you plan on using this piece outside mix your paint half and half with weather it.

  • Basecoat all of frog except belly with shadow green. Drybrush with leaf green and citrus green.
  • Drybrush toes and around mouth with toast and citrus green putting more citrus green for the highlight on the face and toes.
  • Basecoat the belly with daffodil. Pounce cream mixed with white on to highlight.
  • Paint mouth cranberry and pat on true orange to highlight.
  • Eyes are painted daffodil with a black pupil and a white highlight.
  • Doc Holliday
    Shadow green
    Leaf green
    Citrus green
    True orange
    Tongue is cut out of felt and soaked in liquid starch.

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