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Standing next to a bear
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By Diane Hunt
July 4, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Native American art is still very popular and this piece is just challenging enough to be really fun to paint. Don't let the details put you off because it's not nearly as hard to get the detail to pop as you might think. The idea of standing next to a bear may frighten us to death but most of us love to imagine that close commune with nature - even if it is an animal that could eat us for lunch.


Indian Woman with Bear

Kimple 953

  1. Basecoat skin and dress with Soft Brown

  2. Antique with Shimmering Bark

  3. Antique dress with Mustard.  Let dress dry good and then drybrush fringe with white.

  4. Basecoat hair, bear, spear and rocks with black.

  5. Drybrush hair with Midnight Blue.  Paint eyes white pupil is Real Brown with a Black iris and white highlight.  Paint lips with leather brown.  Eye brow is painted with black.

  6. Paint feathers white and drybrush tips with Country Red.  Paint raw hide country red.

  7. Drybrush bear real brown, medium brown and very lightly highlight with soft brown.  Paint bear’s toe nails black.

  8. Drybrush rock area fog, light grey, with washes of medium brown and leather brown highlight with white.

  9. Drybrush spear with real brown and medium brown.  Rub finger tip gold on spear.


Doc Holliday

Soft brown

Shimmering bark antiquing

Mustard antiquing

Midnight blue

Real brown

Leather brown

Medium brown


Light grey

Finger tip gold



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