The Jackson County Quorum Court passed a resolution agreeing to participate in a pump station maintenance agreement with the city of Jacksonport and other surrounding communities.

According to county attorney Richard Allen, a $300,000 grant was given to the City of Jacksonport recently in order to build a pump station that would automatically pump water from the land side of the levee over into the White River during a flood. The pump station would be located along Hwy. 69 near the area where the large rocks sit at the bottom of the levee. As far as the agreement, Jackson County, Jacksonport, Newport, Diaz and Campbell Station have agreed, once every city has approval from their respective City Councils, to put $100 a month into a fund to help pay the maintenance and operation of the pump station. A committee, according to Allen, will be formed consisting of County Judge Jeff Phillips and the mayors of each city that will operate the pump station. "It will benefit everybody that's involved in the flooding process in this part of the county," Allen said. In other business: - The budget committee and landfill committee reports were reviewed and accepted by the Quorum Court. - The ordinance discussed at last month's Quorum Court meeting regarding the 1989 sales tax was tabled. - According to Phillips the jail project is "right on track as far as we need to be at this time." Phillips says that all the concrete has been dug up and hauled off the site. He also informed the the court that he has several land owners interested in selling their property around the jail site but is still trying to locate the owner of one of the properties.