Katelyn Lanni of White Hall placed second during the recent state 4-H Broiler competition held in Rogers.

 Katelyn earned the achievement after advancing from county and district level competitions where she was awarded with a Weber grill and an all-expense-paid trip to Rogers to compete at the  state level during the 4-H Broiler Barbecue competition at the State Poultry Convention taking second place while representing Jefferson County and the Delta District of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.
According to Lanni, she was provided with two broiler halves weighing approximately 1½ pounds to barbecue in an hour and a half. Once done, Lanni chose one of the halves to be judged.  Entries were judged on fire control, food safety practices, doneness, appearance and taste.
"The competition is designed to encourage 4-H members to broaden their knowledge and skills and increase awareness of the poultry industry and its relevance to state and national economies," said Pia Woods, spokesperson. Other blue ribbon winners from Jefferson County in the district contest were Madison Clark, daughter of Nick and Kari Clark; Ryan Clement, grandson of the late Ernest Clement and Juanita Clement; Tevin Livingston, son of Vincent and Tumiga Livingston and Nathan Williams, son of Alexia Williams.
More about Lanni:
Lanni is the daughter of Richard and Teri Lanni of White Hall. She will be attending ninth grade classes at White Hall High School during the upcoming school year where she also participates in the BETA and Art Clubs.