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By Latanyua Taylor Robinson
Latanyua Taylor Robinson describes herself as a minister for manufacturing. In 2010, she started Latrobe LLC, a manufacturing and engineering services company. Latrobe’s mission: to create jobs in industrial manufacturing, specifically in low to ...
Purposed Work
Latanyua Taylor Robinson describes herself as a minister for manufacturing. In 2010, she started Latrobe LLC, a manufacturing and engineering services company. Latrobe’s mission: to create jobs in industrial manufacturing, specifically in low to moderate income communities. Latanyua’s educational credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arkansas and a Master of Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. She developed a passion for manufacturing while in college. Throughout her career, Latanyua has held a variety of increasing responsibilities in operations, engineering, quality and marketing management. These assignments created opportunities to travel domestically and around the world, including various countries throughout Europe, China, India, Israel and Mexico. At such companies as Cargill, Sony and Kennametal, Latanyua met the challenges that come with being the “first” and the “only” as an opportunity to demonstrate that with proper training, women can succeed in jobs and industries traditionally reserved for men. Latrobe began as a contract manufacturing company. Today the portfolio has expanded to include process engineering, strategic marketing and construction tools and services. In May 2011, Latanyua was selected and honored as a Finalist at the Greater Washington D.C.’s Annual Women in Technology Leadership Awards in the category of Entrepreneur. In September 2011, she opened a second office in Port Arthur, Texas, to support job creation in manufacturing in southeast Texas and along the Sabine River into Louisiana. Additionally in October 2011 and 2012, Latanyua was a featured panel speaker at the Women in Manufacturing Symposiums held in Cleveland, Ohio and Milwaukee, Wisc. In April 2013, Latanyua will become an inducted member of the Arkansas Academy of Industrial Engineers. Her next goal is to launch a non-profit organization focused toward getting more girls and women involved in manufacturing and technology. Girls Engaged in Manufacturing Studies (GEMS) mission and goals are to increase the numbers of females entering high tech, engineering and STEM related professions that are critical to our nation’s future growth and competitive edge in the global marketplace. Latanyua is married to James Robinson and they have a son named Quincy. The family currently resides in the Beaumont, Texas metro area. In her spare time, Latanyua shares her thoughts on economic diversity and the importance of manufacturing in sustaining the middle class economy in a blog titled, Purposed Work.
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…the same yesterday and today and forever. <>
(Hebrews 13:8)<>
My favorite Maya Angelou quote is “when you know better, you do better.” I am learning some things about myself in this process of walking in my purposed work. One thing that I have realized is that I have to have order and structure. I get up at the same time every morning, I start my day enjoying two cups of coffee while I record my daily reflections, and I follow what’s on the calendar. The other day, I had a 6:30 am teleconference scheduled. One of the participants called me at 6:15 to ask about the dial-in number…before I finished e-journaling and drinking my second cup of coffee. After the call, I was driving to my next appointment and wondered why I prefer to do things the same way.<>
In a manufacturing environment, we say that a process is in control if you can predict the outcome. How do you increase the probability of success? The best method is to develop a repeatable process, where the functions are performed the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This allows you to monitor the progress, measure the performance, and make adjustments for further improvements. This same repeatable process methodology can be applied to address everyday life problems.<>
When I first made the commitment to blog, I was concerned about the time requirements to post consistently. We happened to have a visiting preacher at our church, and ironically, I had a hard time following his sermon. He delivered on style and pageantry…it’s just that my preferred learning method is for the preacher to present a three point message (introduce the subject, give three to four supporting facts from the bible, and close). This is the same process that I learned for writing good essays in elementary school. As I started to write more blog posts, I realized that I was following a similar pattern that allows me to have the order and structure I need for consistency. Since I practice writing daily, I noticed that I have reduced my process time for blogging from over three hours to less than an hour to come up with a topic, write the blog, edit (although I tend to update grammar mistakes throughout the week) and hit PUBLISH. The next frontier for me to conquer (besides grammar edits) is identifying a consistent day of the week to post, in lieu of this busy family and business season!<>
When you know better, you do better…the same principle applies in business and customer satisfaction. Customers prefer to transact with people and organizations that are consistent in the delivery of goods and services. Why? Because it allows them to predict the outcome and the probability of getting what they expected. Repeat customers tend to share their positive experience with others who could benefit from what you offer. Over time, the predictable outcome is an increase in activity, and prayerfully, revenue for the business.<>
How do you use order and structure in order to have consistency in your relationships with your family, co-workers, and customers? Feel free to comment, or, send me an email at latanyua.robinson@gmail.com. If you like this post and want to catch up on some of my previous discussions, please visit the full Purposed Work blog at http://ltr-latrobe-mfg.blogspot.com/.<>

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