Tuckerman City Clerk/Treasurer Romee Benish announced her resignation, effective August 15, at Tuckerman's regular city council meeting last Tuesday night.

Benish took over the office in December 2012 after former clerk Joyce Hembrey had resigned in November 2012. "I greatly appreciate the opportunity you gave me to serve as city clerk," Benish said in a letter to the Tuckerman Council. "This decision has not been an easy one but I hope you will all understand." The council accepted her resignation and will once again begin the search for a city clerk. Benish gave no reasoning publicly as to why she resigned. The City of Tuckerman is currently accepting applications for the position at Tuckerman City Hall until September 1. Anyone interested must be a resident of Tuckerman. In other business: - The council updated the city's dog leash ordinance to reflect an increase in fines. Those found found in contempt of the ordinance will be subject to no less than a $50 fine and no more than $100. There will also be a $25 reclaiming fee for each day a dog is kept by the city up to seven days. The are expected to pass the ordinance at their next meeting Tuesday, September 10. - The council voted to waive the bid progress and allow Mayor Larry Bowen and Police Chief Johnathan Tubbs to sell an old 2006 Crown Victoria police cruiser. - The city's rubbish and grass ordinance was discussed with Mayor Larry Bowen asking the council to update the ordinance. A raise in fines was discussed. Currently the fines are no less than $25 and no more than 150. The council would like to see those fines increased to $100 and $500 respectively. The issue was tabled and will be discussed further at their next meeting Tuesday, September 10.