Officers with the White Hall Police Department responded to a call last week after a White Hall resident reported that multiple items were missing from his home after returning from vacation.

According to the reports, Officer Sandy Castleberry met with the man who substantially stated that he had left his residence to go on vacation out of state on Aug. 4, while his wife stayed at home. The man stated that on Aug. 8, he received a phone call from a neighbor who told him that a truck was backed up to his residence and property was being loaded into the truck.  After returning home on Aug. 11, he indeed found that most of his property had been removed. He also told the officer that then another neighbor had also informed him that there were several vehicles parked at his residence on Aug. 8, and referred to it as a moving party.
The man told officers that he was sure that his wife was the one who had his property removed. He told Castleberry that his wife didn’t like Arkansas and she wanted to move. Among the items reported missing were all of the pictures that were in the home, a baby grand piano, dinning set, computer and printer, front load washer and dryer, tables and lamps, two flat screen tv’s and a dvd player, all of the linens and covers, most of the dishes, $1500 in cash, rent money and a big box of coins. The alleged missing items  totaled approximately $25,000. Officers filled out the information report and advised the man that this was a civil matter and urged him to seek the advice of an attorney.