Attending from Arkansas Post Chapter were Jean Pollard, chapter regent, and Jerrie Townsend, state treasurer.

Arkansas State Society Daughters of the American Revolution held its Board of Management meeting on Saturday, Aug. 24, at Harding University in Searcy. State Regent JoAnn Cooper presided. Attending this meeting were 102 members with a voting strength of 78.

Attending from Arkansas Post Chapter were Jean Pollard, chapter regent, and Jerrie Townsend, state treasurer. Attending from Grand Prairie Chapter were Allison Holland, chapter regent, Ashli Ahrens and Claudia Ahrens.

The invocation was given by Chaplain Vive Allen. Following the opening ritual, Fern Taylor gave the audit report. Serving on that committee with Taylorwas Paty Windle and Jean Pollard. Jerrie Townsend presented her state treasurer’s report.

Recommendations from the executive board, which met on Aug. 23, were read by State Secretary Susan Childs. It was accepted that 100 copies of the 10-year update of Arkansas DAR Chapter Histories be printed and sold for $10 a copy with a $5 postage fee if mailed.

By-laws changes passed by NSDAR to be voted on at state conference and instructions on use of Yahoo were also read by Childs and recorded.

Use of chapter banners at state conference will continue with modified use due to stands no longer available. Shawnee District to host 2014 State Conference.

Designation of funds remaining from Honorary State Regent Mary Lee Shultz’s fundraisers were defined with the remaining amount to be for veterans in the Searcy area.

State officer reports were given with Cooper stating the National Society had a membership over 175,000. State scholarships remain Cooper’s focus. The state has a membership of 2,567.

New state yearbooks and also state directories were available. State Organizing Secretary Frankie Ochsner announced that hte new chapter regent’s guide is online.

The theme for the state conference to be held March 13-15, 2014 will be “Celebrate America.” This is also the name of a new NSDAR Committee. Cooper introduced the state chairman of this committee, Claudia Ahrens, who gave a very enthusiastic definition for this new committee. Ahrens is a member of Grand Prairie Chapter.

Mary Ford, American history committee chair, gave Jan. 15 as her deadline for entries.
Forms for chapter achievement, both national and state, were available. These are the barometers of chapter activities.

Children of the American Revolution are still accepting the donation of pop-tops for one of their activities. Request for towels for use by humane societies is a new request.
The due date for entries in the history teacher competition is Oct. 18.

There will be an Arkansas bus to Continental Congress in 2014. Gale Markley is travel director.
Honorary State Regent and State Parliamentarian Betty Harp requested copies of chapter by-laws be sent to her and to the state regent and vice regent.

The office of chapter librarian will no longer be and the duties will be held by the state librarian.

Pollard gave the report for Arkansas Post Chapter and was recognized as a member of the Speakers Staff. She attended a meeting of the Board of Consultants on Friday, Aug. 23.

Reporting for Grand Prairie Chapter was its regent, Allison Denman Holland. She noted the celebration of Arkansas County’s 200th anniversary and the two area chapters’ involvements in preserving history through their involvement in this celebration.