This alligator, measuring 10 feet and 7 inches, was killed by Justin Little and his assistants Sissi Jester and Kevin Rogers, in Fulton in Hempstead County. This year the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission issued a limited number of special permits to hunt American Alligators in South Arkansas in the early fall and Little was one of the recipients.
This gator was bagged by the trio in the early morning hours of Saturday, Sept. 21, at a pond on the Yellow Creek Cattle Ranch. According to the AG&F website, alligator hunting is allowed to permit holders from 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise on two weekends in September.

The permit holder must attend a special class and they are allowed up to three assistants in their boat. This reptile was harpooned and then shot in the head with a shotgun, according to regulations.
Rogers, Little and Jester began hunting on Friday night and were unsuccessful. They spotted the alligator when they hunted again on Saturday night.
"It stayed underwater for more than two hours. We were just sitting and waiting," said Jester. "We were about to give up because we had to stop 30 minutes before sunrise."
That's when the action started. When Rogers sighted a large amount of bubbles he fired his harpoon into them and connected with the alligator. Holding on tight to the line, the boat was banked when the gator ran to the shore. Little then jumped out and shot it in the head with his shotgun.
Two nights of hunting was all over in five minutes.
A total of 33 alligator hunting permits were granted by random drawing in Arkansas in 2012.
The exhausted gator hunters grabbed some shut eye before dressing out the big reptile.
Guests enjoyed dining on their elusive prey at a dinner on Saturday, Sept. 28, when Sissi Jester and Justin Little announced their wedding engagement. The adventurous couple plan to be married in May.