The session was filled with activities based on the theme “We’re Having a MACS Day.”

Mothers and Children Success (MACS) hosted its first introductory session “Bridging the Gap-Mother to Mother” on Saturday at the Grand Prairie Center. The session provided an opportunity for a formal meet and greet between MACS mentors and mentees, as well as building the foundation of positive rapport and unity.

The session was filled with activities based on the theme “We’re Having a MACS Day.” The theme was visibly created throughout the center to energize and engage the attendees for a morning of positive and powerful woman-to-woman and mother-to-mother conversation and participation. The session included a brief history about the MACS program, guidelines to participate in the program, numerous door prizes and the first “MACS-imize Your Life” presentation on time management.

The time management presentation was the first tool of life MACS mentors shared with  mentees. Mentors selected time management as the first tool because it is essential for everyday activities. The mentors highlighted the importance of mentees scheduling one hour a day for themselves to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. This is an imperative tool for young mothers because they are often gatekeepers of multiple lives. MACS mentors also congratulated the mentees as they had accomplished this first tool by attending the session.

They were also celebrated with a variety of door prizes.

One of the door prizes were tickets purchased for the Ricebirds home game against Heber Springs. Two families won those tickets. The object of this door prize is to encourage mothers to accompany and enjoy family-oriented activities with their children. What better way than a Ricebird game? To ensure accountability, the mentees must be present, with photo ID, to receive their tickets at will call and remain at the game with their children. If these requirements aren’t met, the tickets will be issued to those next in the line.

“We thank Coach Elmore for working with MACS to see that the tickets are allocated under these conditions,” Denise Thomas, with MACS, said.

MACS has been well embraced by a community support system that strengthens MACS’ foundation for bridging generations of wisdom, life experiences and relationships for the mothers and children of our community.

“We are honored to have had the opportunity to collaborate with our community leaders, businesses, agencies, the Grand Prairie Center, Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce, KWAK radio station, the Ministerial Alliance and Coach Elmore,” Thomas said.

The group would also like to extend its appreciation to community leaders, especially men, for donating and understanding the cause and purpose to serve as a support system to others.
Collectively, they are able to take a small step toward making a significant difference in the lives of young mothers and children.

MACS will meet at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 19, at the Grand Prairie Center-Room D. Contact (870) 830-1242 for further information or email

“We are still seeking mentors and mentees to become a part of this program,” Thomas said.