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Let your light shine before children<>
So that they can see your good works and glorify Your Father<>
(Matthew 5:16)<>
This little light of mine, Iím going to let it shine. Oh, this little light of mine, Iím going to let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. This song touched my heart as a kid, but suddenly has new meaning to me as an adult. In ancient torch races, the goal was to complete the race with the light still burning. I am constantly reminded that life is not a sprint, but life is a marathon. The race is not given to the swift, but to the one who endures. I do not have to finish my race first or fast, based on my self-inflicted timeline. Instead, I want to do the works I was commissioned to do, to be a light that shines through eternity.<>
It seems that everywhere I turn there is a 5k event. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For the life of me, I do not remember such communal involvement when I worked a corporate job. I gave annual financial donations, but I do not remember the most important thing, giving my time, or more importantly, involving our son in real acts of good works for a worthy cause. But since I have become independent, I am more aware of how the community supports this momentous effort. Even our middle school football team wears pink socks during the entire month as a sign solidarity and support. Thatís probably what caught my eye: the number of children participating in voluntary games or voluntary races in showing care for such worthy causes. <>
I advocate leading by example, yet I have never attempted to run a 5k, nor have a challenged my family to participate. I asked my son if he would be interested in taking part in a 5k race, and he quickly retorted that he is a sprinter, not a distance runner. Then I had to remind him of the purpose of the races, to train to endure and complete, in support of the named cause. I told him the story of the ancient torch race and we agreed to run 5k before the end of the year as a family. I am excited. Before 2013 ends, our family will participate in a race, not for time, but to complete the event with our familial light still burning.<>
I want my light to shine before My Father and before children. I feel the best examples of grace that we can demonstrate begin at home with our own children. We try to involve our son in voluntary efforts as a sign of doing good works. Before the year ends, we have challenged ourselves to participate in a 5k. What are you doing to let your light and your good works shine before your children? Feel free to comment, or, send me an email at latanyua.robinson@gmail.com. If you like this post and want to catch up on some of my previous discussions, please visit the full Purposed Work blog at http://ltr-latrobe-mfg.blogspot.com/.<>

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