The City of Newport no longer allows trash bins to be placed at or near the roadside, according to Code Enforcement Officer Derrick Ratliffe.

According to section 5.12.07 of the Newport Municipal Code, the occupants of every private residence shall place all garbage in sealed plastic garbage bags as specified by the City of Newport, and shall place the same at roadside on the premises for collection. "I request that you please remove the trash bin and begin placing all garbage in garbage bags near the roadside for pick up," said Ratliffe via letter. "We understand that some areas in the city have problems with animals getting in the trash, which is why we are suggesting that all garbage bags be put out near the roadside the morning of your normal pick -up." For the schedule of trash pick-up in your area, you may contact Public Works at 870-523-9884. According to Ratliffe, at the end of October 2013, all trash/garbage bins (wood, metal, plastic, etc.) that remain near the curb/roadside will be picked up and removed. "If you wish to keep your bin, please place it in an inconspicuous location and keep it clear of unsightly and unsanitary items," said Ratliffe. If you have any questions, please contact Derrick Ratliffe, Code Enforcement Officer, at 870-523-6568, ext. 124.