A part-time Tuckerman police officer has been arrested and is facing rape charges, according to the Arkansas State Police.

According to court documents, the Arkansas State Police received a request from Third Judicial Prosecuting Attorney Henry Boyce to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct after receiving a letter from Tuckerman Police Chief Jonathon Tubbs that stated a female from Tuckerman had made rape allegations against officer Steven Slagley. Slagley is a part-time officer and manager of the River View Apartment Complex in Tuckerman. According to the documents, the victim moved into the apartment complex on August 2. The victims stated that she had met Slagley when she moved in and discussed what her rent would be set at based on her income. She stated that Slagely came to her apartment that day to make sure everything was in working order and offered to provide her with some cleaning solvent for one of her tables. On August 27, the victim says she went to the apartment office and spoke with the co-manager of the apartments, Jennifer Slagley, who told her she would need to be re-evaluated on her income status as she had just began a new job. A short time later, according to the documents, Steven Slagley showed up at the victims apartment carrying the bottle of cleaning solution he had promised. She informed Slagley that she had not lied about her work status but that she had just started an additional job. She says, that Slagley told her not to worry about that and told her not to talk to his wife, Jennifer Slagley. She then says Slagley noticed her job application lying on the table and Slagley told her that he could help her get that job. The documents then state that Slagley went to shake the victim's hand and when he did he pulled her and kissed her. The victim said she told him no and added that she didn't even know him. The victim then tells police that Slagley grabbed her by the hand pulled her to the bedroom. She said she tried to talk him out of it and told police that she had never been so scared in her life. The victim says she told Slagley, according to the documents, "no" and "stop" several times but he still pulled her to the bedroom and pulled down her pants and began to sexually assault her. According to the document, the victim told police all she could think was "there is only one lock on the door and he has a key to it." After police began to investigate the matter it was discovered that a similar incident had occurred just a few days prior with a different victim. During the second incident, Slagley entered the woman's apartment to tell her about one of the victim's friends having a heart attack and was in a local hospital. The victim told police that Slagley stayed in her apartment talking to her like he had known her forever. The victims then states that Slagley leaned over and gave her a hug and she felt like he was going to kiss her. The victim stated that she had already began to get her distance when her dog sensed something wrong and got in-between them. The victim stated that Slagley then sat on the couch and began laughing saying "you don't' like anybody hugging on you?". The victim says they both stood up and he grabbed her on the hips and began to shove her to the bedroom. At that point, according to the documents, the victim sat down on the bed and when he released her she quickly got up and went back to the living room. Slagley followed and began to force her back into the bedroom while also rubbing against her with his crotch. At this point the victim states that she told Slagley to let himself out and locked herself in the bedroom. The victim says that Slagley left the apartment and locked the deadbolt on the door behind him which she felt was him letting her know that he could come in her apartment whenever he wanted. Slagley was interviewed on September 13, and he told police that he was in the apartment of the first victim but claimed they had consensual sex. However, according to police, he could not explain how he had intercourse with a woman that he had only known for less than two weeks. Slagley told police that he knew it looked bad and he could not explain some of it, but that was his story and he was sticking to it. Slagley was arrested Tuesday, October 15, and charged with one count of rape and one count of sexual assault. As of press time he is behind bars at the Jackson County Detention Center on a $25,000 bond.