Former Newport High School Graduate Brad Allen recently won the 78th Annual World's Duck Calling Championship in Stuttgart.

This marks the third time he has won the competition, winning his first in 2010 and the second last year. "It's great. I've always said that winning the World once is a dream come true. Winning it three times is kind of like your wildest dreams," said Allen on winning the championship for a third time. "As a caller, you wonder whether you'll be able to win it once, but to be able to win it three times.. it's just a great feeling." Now that Allen has taken home the champions trophy three times, he is no longer eligible to compete in the World's Duck Calling Championship. He is only the seventh person since the tournament began in the 30's to have won the maximum of three times. All that's left for Allen is what is known as the Champions of Champions event which is held every five years and only World Champion duck callers can enter. He will get his first crack at the exclusive tournament in 2015. If he is able to take home the win there, he will be officially retired as a competitive duck caller as he will be a Champion of Champions and no longer able to compete in sanctioned events. Allen says his approach was seemingly unchanged from last year's event as he used the same call and practice regimen, but this years tournament had a bit of a twist. "One of my best friends is a contest caller from Conway named David St. John and David finished first runner-up at last year's tournament and this year's," explained Allen. "He and I are good friends and were practicing together in the parking lot before the contest, but we may have set a record this year as far a number of rounds go." Allen says you normally blow three rounds in the contest and if there is a tie, you come back and do a tie breaker round. "Well, he and I had to blow six rounds this year to decide at the end of the contest. We each had to come back and do three tie breakers before we finally settled it," said Allen. "So, it's kind of the equivalent of two contest…. That may have been the longest world of all time." With the duck calling contest over, and not another one - possibly his last - until 2015 Allen has more time to focus on his new company Elite Duck Calls. Allen began making his own duck calls for sale this past summer and so far he says it's began strong. "It was one of those things as a a caller you find a lot of duck calls over the years that you like, but it was always well 'I like this call, but I wish it had a little more of this, a little more of that or I wish it was a little louder,'" explained Allen on starting his duck call business. "This was just an unique opportunity to get to design one the way I wanted it to sound and put everything into it I wanted it to have." Allen says the calls are cut out on a machine in Jonesboro and then shipped to his residence where he does all the tuning himself in shop above his garage. Allen says his calls are shaped a little different than most calls, but most resemble whats called a cut-down call. "What I did with these calls is make it kind of a hybrid where it would have the raspyness that a cut down style call would have, but we bored them out with what they call progressive bore so that it's not so hard to blow." Allen is the son of Bill and Paulette Allen and currently resides near Judsonia in a two-story cabin overlooking the Little Red River. He is employed as a physical therapist for Reaper Physical Therapy of Searcy. The 40-year-old new father grew up searching for ducks near the Cache River. For more on Allen's duck calls visit or find Elite Duck Calls on Facebook. You can also contact Allen personally at 501-207-2994.