Tour marks the first official campaign entry for the widely popular former senator and first lady

Stumping for their son while the U.S. Senate is in session, the two will crisscross the state to drive home that for the Pryors, Arkansas always comes first

David and Barbara Pryor will hit the road this week in their first official campaign swing of 2014. With Sen. Mark Pryor hard at work in Washington, the much-beloved former senator and first lady will travel across the Natural State meeting with voters, firing up grassroots volunteers and emphasizing the important choice Arkansans face in November.

David and Barbara Pryor, masters of Arkansas’ retail political culture, know just how important it is for a senator to listen and be responsive to this state’s needs. Today, the Pryors visited Newport.

Among his many accomplishments as a congressman, governor and senator, DavidPryor was widely known for his work on behalf of Arkansas’ seniors, and every day he kept a sign on his desk that read “Arkansas comes first.” It’s a tradition that Mark Pryorhas carried forward and built upon, and the same sign rests on his desk today.

“Arkansans deserve a senator like Mark who listens to them, always looks out for our state and won’t cozy up to the special interests in Washington,” said Senator DavidPryor. “For Mark, it’s always about what’s best for Arkansas, especially when it comes to protecting Medicare and Social Security for our seniors and education for our children.”

The reservoir of goodwill that exists for the Pryors in communities big and small across Arkansas is thanks to their service to the state and their longstanding commitment to the people of Arkansas.

“We’re very excited to visit with old friends all across this state and talk about Mark’s hard work on behalf of Arkansas families,” said First Lady Barbara Pryor. “Whenever I think back to all those campaigns, I always remember how far a firm handshake and a warm smile can go in Arkansas. I think folks here know that our family has always put Arkansas first, and it will be wonderful to get back out on the trail and discuss the issues Mark has championed as Arkansas’s senator.”

Earlier this year, Mark Pryor authored and introduced the Medicare Protection Act, which makes it harder for irresponsible politicians to raise Medicare’s eligibility age and turn it over to insurance companies. Mark Pryor has worked to make student loans more affordable, ensure women earn equal pay for equal work and fund disaster relief for families rebuilding after devastating storms.