The abrupt decision announced Monday (July 28th) by the Kroger Corporation to no longer be part of the Newport, Arkansas community has left loyal customers and dedicated employees stunned. The immediate concern is for the employees of the store and their families. The Newport Economic Development Commission will be organizing an in-store Job Fair for Thursday, August 7th to allow local businesses, who are seeking employees, time to meet with the employees of the Newport Kroger store.

A grassroots group is making an effort to convince the Kroger Corporation to reverse their decision. They are sharing a number for the corporate office, 866-221-4141, where local citizens can call Kroger and ask for the store to be saved. A group Facebook page, Save Kroger, has also been started and interested citizens are encouraged to visit that page to learn more about efforts to save the store.
While the best of all worlds for Newport and the employees would be for the store to be saved, the Newport Economic Development Commission will be taking steps to help the employees of Kroger find other jobs in Newport in the eventuality that the Kroger Corporation does not reverse its decision. If you know of a local business who is looking for hardworking, dedicated employees, then, please have them contact us. We will be scheduling one and a half hour slots for businesses to meet with Kroger employees at the store. The event will start at 8 am on Thursday, August 7th and will continue throughout the day. To reserve a time slot for a business, please call the Newport Economic Development Commission at 870-523-1009 or email us at